There are those that use the idea of religion to cause actual physical damage to other people. Many times, their transgressions go without any type of punishment.

Since 1950 - 2016, 6,721 priests have been alleged to have committed abuse with at least 18,565 victims.

We aim to rid our wonderful country of the evils committed in the name of Religion. Specifically and most immediately the abuses and atrocities committed by The Catholic Church. We want to help appoint and campaign for the trailblazers in our local communities who are not afraid to stand up to the Catholic Church and prosecute those that have committed crimes against our children. One way to do this is to reform the sexual abuse statute of limitations. With your help and most importantly your participation with your donations Faith Free can contribute to the campaigns of these highly vetted, researched and proven candidates.

It is not easy voicing concerns regarding one of the most powerful organizations in the world. But we HAVE to. These perversions have been occurring since the inception of the Catholic Church.

Out of the 6,721 priests that have been accused of sexual abuse, only 37 of these cases have made it to trial.

Together we can change this.


Our mission is a simple one.

We dedicate our time, money and efforts advocating for the rights of those people that were and are negatively affected by the Church.

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